Global Citizenship (GLBL)

GLBL 101     Global Citizenship and Study Abroad  (1)

The course prepares students for study abroad experiences by introducing them to concepts of global citizenship, techniques for field investigation (borrowed mostly from anthropology), and, to a lesser degree, social processes of integration into a new host culture. Prerequisite: Only open to students approved to Study Abroad.

GLBL 102     Global Citizenship and Reflecting on Study Abroad  (1)

Students reflect on their study abroad experiences and what it means to be a global citizen. The course helps students to integrate their study abroad experience with their academic and co-curricular work at Sewanee. Students will discuss reverse cultural shock and readjustment to social life in the U.S.

GLBL 103     Reimagining Our Post Crisis World  (2)

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis of proportions not experienced in generations. Humanity’s response to this biological threat has led to abrupt changes in our everyday lives, a loss of economic security for many and the uncovering of severe inequities and deep structural issues in our economic, social and political systems. The liberal arts offer a powerful and holistic approach for understanding the many facets of this and other crises, as well as a model for thinking about how to meet such challenges and move forward to reimagine a better world. Led by scholars from many disciplines, students will explore the COVID-19 pandemic and engage in meaningful conversations with faculty and student leaders about how to use these lessons to collaboratively address the systemic issues and vulnerabilities revealed by this crisis.

GLBL 442     Internship  (2 to 8)

Students engage in an approved internship on an authorized study abroad or study away program. Students are expected to complete 45-67.5 hours of internship work per credit hour. Interning students will complete bi-weekly reflective exercises and an academic paper at the end of the internship.