Japanese (JAPN)

JAPN 103     Elementary Japanese I  (4)

This course is designed for students with no Japanese language background. By course's end, students should be able to read and write hiragana and katakana (Japanese scripts), to talk about themselves, and to conduct basic conversations about daily life. This course enables students to begin acquiring mature competence in communication and to develop accurate and culturally appropriate use of the language.

JAPN 104     Elementary Japanese II  (4)

An intensive introduction to the fundamentals of the language and culture with emphasis on developing conversational skills such as pronunciation. Works on longer expressions, especially related to direction. Acquisition of one of the three types of Japanese scripts: Hiragana. Reading and writing of short texts which contain both Katakana and Hiragana. Prerequisite: JAPN 103 or placement.

JAPN 203     Intermediate Japanese  (4)

Development of conversational skills. Works on longer expressions, especially related to time. Acquisition of the third type of Japanese scripts: Kanji. Reading and writing of short texts which contain Katakana, Hiragana, and a limited number of Kanji. Prerequisite: JAPN 104 or placement.

JAPN 301     Composition and Conversation  (4)

Emphasis on accuracy of expression in written and oral Japanese. Class is taught in Japanese. Prerequisite: JAPN 203 or placement.

JAPN 303     Readings in Japanese: Modern Short Stories and Poetry  (4)

Designed primarily for students who have completed intensive language training in Japan through a study abroad program, this course aims to help students gain independence from "textbook Japanese" and develop a more natural and nuanced sensibility for the language. Drawing reading materials from literary pieces that frequently appear in language arts textbooks in Japan, the course also introduces in the original the canon of literature that comprises Japanese general education in the language arts. In addition to reading skills, this course aims to develop listening, writing, and speaking skills through oral presentations, recitations, creative writing, and discussions. Prerequisite: JAPN 301.

JAPN 444     Independent Study  (2 or 4)

An opportunity for advanced students to pursue topics of special interest. Prerequisite: Instructor prerequisite override required.