Southern Appalachian Studies (SAST)

SAST 220     Place, Memory, and Identity  (4)

This course explores critical intersections of memory, identity, and place from a multidisciplinary perspective. Students engage a series of concepts and skills regarding place--abstractly and concretely--as they relate to efforts by individuals, communities, and societies to gain meaning from the past for the present.

SAST 325     Food, Agriculture, and Social Justice in Southern Appalachia and Beyond  (4)

This course explores how producing, preparing, and consuming meals become expressions of individuality, social unity, and cultural identity that create intimate relationships not only among people but also between people and the natural world. Historical foundations and current systems of food production are examined with specific consideration given to the ways in which differential production and access to food have created disparities in health and nutrition as well as how the Food Justice movement seeks to address these inequities through restructuring and transforming the current systems of production.

SAST 399     Special Topics  (4)

This course focuses on a topic in Southern Appalachian Studies that is not fully covered in existing courses. Content will vary from semester to semester. This course may be repeated for credit when the topic differs.

SAST 444     Independent Study  (2 or 4)

An opportunity for students to explore a topic of interest in an independent or directed manner. This course may be repeated for credit when the topic differs but, may only count once toward the Minor in Southern Appalachian Studies. Prerequisite: Instructor prerequisite override required.