Swahili (SWAH)

SWAH 103     Elementary Swahili I  (4)

This course introduces students to Swahili language and culture. It also equips students with necessary skills in the broader areas of communication¬i.e., listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students learn standard Swahili, but the instructor also creates an awareness of the existence of other varieties of Swahili.

SWAH 104     Elementary Swahili II  (4)

This is the second part of a three-semester sequence of Swahili language and culture. The course is designed to reinforce the acquisition of basic conversational Swahili through activities that enhance the four communicative skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading) that were started in the previous semester. The course also aims to broaden students' understanding of basic Swahili grammatical structures and to provide cultural insights about the people of East Africa. Prerequisite: SWAH 103 or placement.

SWAH 203     Intermediate Swahili  (4)

This course focuses on polishing and enhancing student comprehension and communicative skills which were acquired in introductory Swahili. Emphasis is on the productive and receptive skills of speaking and listening, mainly through conversation practice and reporting events in Swahili. Prerequisite: SWAH 104.