General Education - Seeking Meaning

The following courses are approved to satisfy Learning Objective 3. Seeking Meaning: Wisdom, Truth, and Inquiry. (G3)

ANTH 109World Prehistory4
ANTH 222Celtic Culture and Archaeology4
CLST 124Explorations in Ancient Ethics, Religion, and Belief4
FYRP 113First-Year Seminar: Practicing Place4
FYRP 114First-Year Seminar: The Psychology of People in Places4
HUMN 103Experience, Expression, and Exchange in Western Culture: Texts and Contexts of the Ancient World4
HUMN 104Experience, Expression, and Exchange in Western Culture: Texts and Contexts of the Medieval World4
HUMN 204Experience, Expression, and Exchange: Utopias and Dystopias4
HUMN 210Modern Intellectual Traditions4
HUMN 225The Nobel Prize4
MHUM 108Introduction to Medical Humanities: The Human Condition4
MHUM 208Narrative Medicine4
PHIL 101Topics in Philosophy4
PHIL 190Informal Logic and Critical Thinking4
PHIL 203Ancient Philosophy from Homer to Augustine4
PHIL 205Freedom, Justice, and Commerce4
PHIL 223Philosophy of Art4
PHIL 224Philosophy of Film4
PHIL 226Philosophical Issues in Daoism4
PHIL 230Environmental Ethics4
PHIL 232Business Ethics4
PHIL 235Bioethics4
PHIL 251Philosophy of Religion4
RELG 103Studying Islam (in the West)4
RELG 104The Many Faces of the Qur'an4
RELG 109Front Pages: Religion in the News4
RELG 111Introduction to Religion4
RELG 113Disbelieving Religion4
RELG 114Religion Goes Pop4
RELG 119Religion in American History4
RELG 121The Responsible Self4
RELG 122Religion and Technology4
RELG 135Ethics and the Anthropocene4
RELG 143Introduction to the Bible I: Old Testament4
RELG 144Introduction to the Bible II: New Testament4
RELG 151Philosophy of Religion4
RELG 162Introduction to Asian Religions4
RELG 164Studying Asian Religions (in the West)4
RELG 201The Spirit and Forms of Anglicanism4
RELG 209Shari'a: Threat or Utopia?4
RELG 210How Muslims Think: Contemporary Muslim Philosophy4
RELG 211Sensational Religion4
RELG 243Gospels4
RELG 244Paul and His Interpreters4
RELG 262Buddhist Traditions4
RELG 353Buddhism and the Environment4
RUSN 361Tolstoy in English Translation4
RUSN 362Dostoevsky in English Translation4