General Education - Foundational Writing Intensive Courses

The following courses are approved to satisfy the Foundational Writing-Intensive requirement. (GFWI)  Additional courses may be designated as foundational writing intensive courses on a semester by semester basis.

AFST 160Introduction to Black Women's Studies4
ENGL 101Literature and Composition4
ENST 100Walking the Land4
HUMN 104Experience, Expression, and Exchange in Western Culture: Texts and Contexts of the Medieval World4
HUMN 204Experience, Expression, and Exchange: Utopias and Dystopias4
PHIL 101Topics in Philosophy4
POLS 107Critical Issues in American Politics4
POLS 161Multiculturalism and Equality4
RELG 113Disbelieving Religion4
WMST 160Introduction to Black Women's Studies4