General Education - Foundational Writing Intensive Courses

The following courses are approved to satisfy the Foundational Writing-Intensive requirement. (GFWI)  Additional courses may be designated as foundational writing intensive courses on a semester by semester basis.

AFST 160Introduction to Black Women's Studies4
ENGL 101Literature and Composition4
ENST 100Walking the Land4
ENST 150Introduction to "Nature" Writing4
HUMN 104Experience, Expression, and Exchange in Western Culture: Texts and Contexts of the Medieval World4
HUMN 204Experience, Expression, and Exchange: Utopias and Dystopias4
PHIL 101Topics in Philosophy4
POLS 107Critical Issues in American Politics4
POLS 161Multiculturalism and Equality4
RELG 113Disbelieving Religion4
RELG 244Paul and His Interpreters4
WMST 160Introduction to Black Women's Studies4