Approved Electives in African American Studies

AMST 251Black Masculinity in the United States4
AMST 255Imagining Africa4
AMST 351Toni Morrison4
ENGL 395African-American Literature4
HIST 231African-American History to 18654
HIST 232African-American History since 18654
HIST 317African-American Intellectual History4
HIST 327The Old South4
HIST 329The New South4
HIST 347The American Civil Rights Movement4
HIST 387Slavery and the Slave Trade in Africa4
HIST 410Five Centuries of Atlantic Slavery, 1400-19004
POLS 210The Politics of Poverty and Inequality4
POLS 330Race and Ethnicity in American Politics4
POLS 338Constitutional Law: Civil Rights4
POLS 346Contemporary Social Movements4
POLS 373African-American Political Thought4
PSYC 280Psychology of Human Diversity4
WMST 251Black Masculinity in the United States4
WMST 351Toni Morrison4