Requirements for the Major in Economics

The major requires successful completion of the following1:

Course Requirements
ECON 101Introduction to Microeconomics4
ECON 102Introduction to Macroeconomics4
ECON 201Microeconomic Theory4
ECON 202Macroeconomic Theory4
ECON 333Econometrics 24
ECON 410Research Seminar 34
MATH 101Calculus I4
STAT 204Elementary Statistics 44
Select three additional approved electives numbered 300 or above, including no more than two courses in finance (ECON 360, ECON 361, and ECON 362).12
Total Semester Hours44
Additional Requirements
A comprehensive examination 5


To be eligible for departmental honors, students must demonstrate distinguished performance in three areas: 1) major coursework; 2) the research seminar (ECON 410); and 3) the comprehensive examination. Distinguished performance is determined at the discretion of the department faculty, though a minimum grade point average of 3.33 is necessary in the area of major coursework.