History Courses with a G4 Attribute

HIST 100Topics in Western Civilization4
HIST 111Religion and Power in the Pre-Modern West4
HIST 112Women Changing the World: Gender and Social Movements4
HIST 113Civil Disobedience from Ancient Greece to Modern Africa4
HIST 116Revolution and Evolution: Europe since the Eighteenth Century4
HIST 117Discovering America, 1400-20004
HIST 120Children and Childhood in History4
HIST 121Consumer Culture and Its Discontents, 17th - 20th Centuries4
HIST 124World in the Twentieth Century4
HIST 125The Age of Discovery: Encounter of Two Worlds4
HIST 126Into the Heart of Darkness: Imperialism in the 19th and 20th Centuries4
HIST 127Atlantic Britons, 1500-18504
HIST 201History of the United States I4
HIST 202History of the United States II4
HIST 204Rich and Poor in America from the Colonial Period to the Present4
HIST 205History of Britain and Ireland I4
HIST 206History of Britain and Ireland II4
HIST 207Russia: Autocracy, Orthodoxy, Serfdom, Revolution4
HIST 208Russia: Revolution and Repression, War and Cold War, Collapse and Renewal4
HIST 209Early Modern Europe4
HIST 210Early Modern Cities4
HIST 211China: Inside the Great Wall4
HIST 212China: Manchus to Massacre, Dynasty to Dictatorship4
HIST 217Renaissance and Reformation4
HIST 218The Age of Enlightenment4
HIST 219History of Africa to 18804
HIST 220History of Africa Since 18804
HIST 232African-American History since 18654
HIST 234British Reformations4
HIST 237Women in U.S. History, 1600-18704
HIST 238Women in U.S. History, 1870 to the Present4
HIST 270European Women in War, Revolution, and Terrorism4
HIST 271The French Revolutionary Era, 1789-18144
HIST 272France Since 18154
HIST 283Environmental History4
HIST 293Greeks, Romans, and Barbarians4
HIST 296History of the Middle East I4
HIST 297History of the Middle East II4
HIST 298History of Islam4
HIST 307Revolutions and Revolutionaries in the Middle East4
HIST 375The Outlaw in American Culture4