Neuroscience Approved Electives

BIOL 318Molecular Revolutions in Medicine4
BIOL 325Biology of Aging4
BIOL 328Molecular Revolutions in Medicine (Lab)4
BIOL 330Immunology (Lab)4
BIOL 331Immunology4
BIOL 333Developmental Biology (Lab)4
BIOL 388Epigenetics4
BIOL 389Epigenetics (Lab)4
BIOL 490Principles of Neuroscience4
BIOL 492History of Modern Neuroscience4
CHEM 120General Chemistry (Lab)4
CHEM 150Advanced General Chemistry (Lab)4
CHEM 202Organic Chemistry II (Lab)4
CHEM 307Mechanistic Biochemistry (Lab)4
CHEM 316Biochemistry of Metabolism and Molecular Biology (Lab)4
CHEM 417Advanced Biochemistry4
CSCI 290Data Mining4
CSCI 356Artificial Intelligence4
NEUR 414The Social Brain4
PHIL 235Bioethics4
PSYC 208Cognitive Psychology4
PSYC 348Motivation and Cognitive Control4
PSYC 357Child Development (Lab)4
PSYC 358Cognitive Psychology (Lab)4
PSYC 483Cognitive Neuroscience4
PSYC 490Principles of Neuroscience4
PSYC 491Neurobiology of Emotion4
PSYC 492History of Modern Neuroscience4