School of Theology Electives

Credit for courses offered in the School of Theology and approved by the College of Arts and Sciences may be applied to undergraduate degrees in the College as elective credit; however, such courses may not be used to satisfy general education requirements. These courses may be used to fulfill requirements within a program of study (major, minor, or certificate of curricular study) with the consent of the appropriate College department or program, which may be expressed through the course approval process or by submitting a program of study modification form for an individual student.

ANGL 337C.S. Lewis: Author, Apologist, and Anglican3
BIBL 331Elementary Biblical Hebrew I3
BIBL 332Elementary Biblical Hebrew II3
BIBL 333Intermediate Biblical Hebrew I3
BIBL 334Intermediate Biblical Hebrew II3
BIBL 335Advanced Biblical Hebrew I3
BIBL 339Modern Hebrew I3
BIBL 354Old Testament: The Psalms3
BIBL 355The Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical Books of the Old Testament3
BIBL 356Dead Sea Scrolls3
BIBL 359Old Testament: Book of Isaiah3
BIBL 360Priests and Conflict3
CEMT 362God and Nature3
CEMT 363Sustainability as an Ethical Problem3
CHHT 339Augustine of Hippo: Self and Society3
CHHT 350Classics of the Christian Journey3
LTCM 331Hymnody of Christian Church3
THEO 303Foundations of Christian Spirituality3
THEO 345Aquinas on God, Creation, and Providence3
THEO 348The Body’s Grace: Religious Accounts of the Body3
THEO 360Creation, Evolution and God3
THEO 361Readings in Teilhard de Chardin3