Grounds for Suspension or Dismissal

In consultation with the faculty, the director may suspend or dismiss a student for inappropriate behavior that the director and a majority of the faculty determine to be disruptive or destructive of the learning process and/or community life.

If such inappropriate behavior appears to have occurred, the student whose behavior is in question will be notified of the problem by the director and asked to explain the circumstances. If the explanation is judged adequate, the matter will be considered closed. If the director concludes that the student has behaved in a way that disrupts or destroys the learning process and/or community life, the student may be warned, suspended, or dismissed.

The decision of which sanctions to apply rests with the director in consultation with the faculty. Dismissal normally precludes readmission. In the case of suspension, the determination of the term and circumstances of suspension and conditions for readmission rests with the director in consultation with the faculty. If the director judges that action must be taken before there is adequate time to consult the faculty, he or she may take such action.

Dismissal automatically terminates any contract between the school and the student. For information concerning refunds of tuition, see the Refund Policy in this Catalog.