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ANTH 314     Gender, Colonialism, and Culture in Greater Mexico  (4)

Starting from the premise that the region encompassing northern Mexico and the southwestern United States can be viewed as a single cultural region, this course examines how colonizing processes mobilized gendered and racialized identities to consolidate new social hierarchies in this part of the world. We learn about the historic interactions between Indigenous, European, and African peoples thrown together by the acts of exploration, conquest, and enslavement, and the hybridized cultural social forms which resulted. With these historical legacies in mind, we move to see how contemporary racialized and gendered identities are constructed and contested in the context of “Greater Mexico.”. Prerequisite: ANTH 104 or INGS 200 or WMST 100.

Women's and Gender Studies

...Latin America. Prerequisite: ANTH 104 or INGS 200 or WMST 100 . ANTH 314 Gender, Colonialism...