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ARTH 494     Greece, the Eastern Aegean, and Italy: the Monuments and Centers of Classical Civilization  (4)

The travel-study portion of Track One of European Studies includes a month-long exploration of the Continent including, in Greece, Athens, Delphi, Olympia and the islands of Crete, Santorini (Thera) and Delos; in Turkey, Istanbul, Troy, Aspendos and Didyma; in Italy, Naples, Rome, the Vatican City; and concludes with a week in London, including a study visit to the British Museum. Each student produces a daily academic journal and should acquire the ability to look at a building or a sculpture and understand its period, its function, the materials and techniques used in its production as well as the artist's intentions. This course is only available through the European Studies Program. Prerequisite: Only open to students admitted to the European Studies program.