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FORS 332     Oral Presentations  (2)

Oral presentations of important topics and published data in forestry, geology, and other environmental sciences. Course goal is to train students through practice to give and critique oral presentations appropriate for scientific or other professional research. Each student gives several presentations and formally critiques other presentations as part of the course. Open only to juniors or seniors pursuing majors in forestry, geology, or natural resources and the environment. Prerequisite: FORS 121 or GEOL 121.

Approved Electives for American Studies

The following courses are recommended as electives. Other classes, not included in the list below, may be counted toward the major with the approval of the program director. Students majoring in American studies should consult their advisor in designing their program of study and selecting the appropriate electives.

Women's and Gender Studies

...for such differentials (e.g., the motivations for...who have taken POLS 332. Not open to...


...for the Major in Anthropology Honors Requirements for...ARCH 214 and ARCH 332 may be used...

American Studies

...qualify for the major may be considered for...who have taken POLS 332. Not open to...