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FYRP 103     First-Year Seminar: Photography of What is Not Seen  (4)

This course considers ways in which photography relays experience and shapes our understanding of place. Photography can both enhance and reduce experiences of time, space, and place. The course considers how photography touches on the human condition and how the photographer attends and is sensitive to the subject/object relationship. This course explores what is seen and not seen when making and looking at a photograph. In the process, fundamental relationships are identified between photographic expression and a sense of place. Through a close study of place in its numerous meanings, the course transits from what it means to be a consumer of the lens-image to being a producer of a photograph and how image and place write and rewrite each other. Field trips and plenary lectures allow students to explore the region, engage in the practice of place-making, and synthesize knowledge across disciplines. Capstone projects provide opportunities for in-depth exploration. Open only to new first-year students.