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HIST 319     The Arab-Israeli Conflict  (4)

The Arab-Israeli conflict has long dominated the politics of the Middle East and been seen as central to U.S. foreign policy in the region. This seminar considers the history of this conflict and the politicized historiographical debates that accompany it. Topics addressed include Zionism, Palestinian and Arab nationalism, the birth of the Arab refugee crisis, the effects of the 1967 and 1973 wars on the region, the use of terrorism, the two intifadas, and the Oslo peace process. Primary texts, secondary sources, and scholarly articles from a variety of perspectives will be used to investigate how people within and outside the region debate and fight over these issues. Prerequisite: One course with attribute G4 including AP or IB credit.

Women's and Gender Studies taught in English. HIST 112 Women Changing...first-year students. POLS 319 Global Gender Issues...