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HIST 379     Honor, Shame, and Violence in Modern Europe  (4)

This course treats honor as a tool for understanding change and continuity in European society from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries. Honor and shame are viewed as conduits that allow students to explore broader sexual, gender, class and political developments. Particular attention is given to ways in which honor functioned differently in the public ideologies and private lives of dominant and marginal social groups. This course also explores the relationship of violence to the cult of honor. Prerequisite: One course with attribute G4 including AP or IB credit.

American Studies

...with attribute GFWI. ENGL 379 The American Novel...English with attribute GFWI. HIST 201 History of...

Women's and Gender Studies

...attribute G4 including AP or IB credit. HIST 379 Honor, Shame, and Violence in Modern...