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INGS 203     Sociolinguistics of Africa  (4)

This course introduces learners to key concepts and topics in sociolinguistics with a regional focus of Africa. The concept of globalization is at the core of this course, specifically looking at how African languages and cultures have been impacted by socio-political and economic forces of globalization such as colonialism, urbanization, mass and social media, formal education and market-economy. The course also focuses on the role of language in the formation of nation-states in Africa, the structural effects that African languages have on "foreign" languages like English and French, and what speakers of African languages think of their utility in the context of globalization. Reading materials focus on language communities living in Africa, in the diaspora and in the technology-mediated "virtual" world. No prior knowledge of sociolinguistics is required in order to enroll in this course, but some knowledge about African languages and cultures is an added advantage.