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MUSC 269     Music of the Birds and Bees: Music and Nature  (4)

A survey of three related topics within the general area of music and nature: a) various theories on the origin of music, many of which recognize the sounds of nature as important mimetic sources for music, b) the connections with love and sex that nature imagery in music often suggests, and c) the study of specific pieces inspired by nature. Composers and pieces to be considered include the Western classical tradition (e.g., Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony) and other traditions, such as Anglo-American folk and popular songs and non-Western musics (e.g., native American songs, Chinese koto music). Discussion of these works helps to develop a vocabulary of music style terms and focuses attention on how the music- nature conjunction has changed through history. Prerequisite: MUSC 101 or MUSC 105 or MUSC 141 or MUSC 143 or MUSC 151.