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PSYC 356     Research in Social Psychology (Lab)  (4)

An in-depth examination of the social circumstances which structure individuals' mental processing and behavior. Students will read original peer-reviewed research on social dynamics (e.g., dyads, groups, cultural norms) and be required to implement existing theoretical models, empirical findings, and methodological approaches in their discussions, assignments, and research projects. In the laboratory, students will independently design, propose, and conduct a scientifically rigorous psychological study (including advanced statistical data analysis using computer software) to answer a novel empirical question in social psychology. Not open for credit to students who have received credit for PSYC 203. Prerequisite: PSYC 251.


Psychology is a diverse discipline that borders on the biological and social sciences. It is at once a science and a means of promoting human welfare. Reflecting its historical roots in philosophy, physiology, and clinical practice, it embraces a variety of theoretical perspectives, methodologies, and areas of study. The Department of Psychology at Sewanee provides majors and non-majors with the basic principles of psychology within the context of a liberal arts education through a curriculum that emphasizes scientific thinking and equips majors with multiple perspectives and research methods with which to understand behavior and mental processes.