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PSYC 403     Psychology and Popular Culture in the U.S.  (4)

Did the World Wars "put psychology on the map" and convert Americans to the "therapeutic gospel"? How is the polygraph test related to Wonder Woman? Did humanistic psychology inspire Yippies and feminists in the 1960s -- and can humanistic psychologists be "real men"? This seminar explores such questions, using primary and secondary sources that link the history of psychology and popular culture in the U.S. Students evaluate critically the current popularization of psychology and explore relationships between popular and academic psychology. Prerequisite: Four courses in any combination from psychology and American studies.

Women's and Gender Studies

...Prerequisite: PSYC 100 or PSYC 101 . PSYC 218...300 or higher. SPAN 403 Sexual Alterity in...

American Studies

...Not open to new first-year students. PSYC 403 Psychology and Popular Culture in the...