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RELG 348     Business of Religion  (4)

This course explores the discursive connections between business and religion by examining their shared histories. Structured around a series of case studies from American religious historiography (e.g. Quaker Oats, Ivory Soap, Wal-Mart, Oprah), it considers how religious and business discourses can be understood as historically entangled and interpretatively contested ways to name and navigate the vexed relations of human exchange and culture-making, ritual purchase and systems of value, modes of production, and forms of authority. The course considers how religious institutions have engaged corporate concerns and how businesses might be and have been understood as religious subjects themselves in American history. Prerequisite: One course in religious studies or one course with attribute G4 including AP or IB credit.

American Studies

...including race, space, gender, sex, and class. RELG 348 Business of Religion (4) This course...