Research and Writing (THBR)

THBR 531     Bibliography, Research, and Writing  (1)

This course will provide entering students with assistance for each writing assignment in courses being taken concurrently. (Accordingly, there are no written assignments for this course itself.) In addition, the course offers an extended introduction to using the library. Research methods will be treated as well. The course is graded on a pass-fail basis. Required for first year M.Div. and M.A. students; may be elected by others. The instructor may exempt well-prepared students from this course requirement on the basis of prior coursework or demonstrated ability.

THBR 533     Theological Research and Writing for ESL Students  (3)

This course is designed to help international student writers succeed in writing, editing, and completing a large research project specific to their discipline. This could be a research paper, journal article, literature review, dissertation chapter, grant proposal, or other relevant document. The course provides intensive help with grammar, idiomatic phrasing, and overall clarity for writers whose native language is not English. The instructor will collaborate with the Language Center of the University for additional resources.