Evaluation and Disclosure of Personal Qualifications

As a seminary of The Episcopal Church, the School of Theology is required by canon law to evaluate postulants and candidates for Holy Orders with regard to their academic performance, their professional competence, and their personal qualifications to exercise the ordained ministry of The Episcopal Church.

Evaluation includes the student’s participation in the entire curriculum and also in the life of the seminary community. It includes several kinds of reporting: grades, oral statements, and written evaluations. Students sign a release each year giving the School of Theology permission to disclose this information to diocesan officials. The written information consists of, but is not limited to, a final transcript each May, the middler evaluation in February of the middler year, and the recommendation for ordination during the Advent semester of the senior year.

Some dioceses need information before the times listed above. The Dean, with faculty approval, may write a letter stating whether there are any concerns at that point. Requests for such letters should be made to the School of Theology Coordinator of Academic Affairs.