Research and Writing

While research and writing are skills conventionally mastered in the humanities at the undergraduate level, many students arrive in seminary after a long hiatus between their undergraduate work and their master’s program. Other students will not have majored in the humanities and do not have the same skills as their peers. Even those who have an extensive humanities background can benefit from further work on their writing skills and from the chance to learn the particular bibliographical resources available for the academic study of theology. The course is designed to strengthen the student’s abilities in academic research and writing in the theological disciplines. It complements the introduction to theological writing that takes place during orientation.


THBR 533     Theological Research and Writing for ESL Students  (3)

This course is designed to help international student writers succeed in writing, editing, and completing a large research project specific to their discipline. This could be a research paper, journal article, literature review, dissertation chapter, grant proposal, or other relevant document. The course provides intensive help with grammar, idiomatic phrasing, and overall clarity for writers whose native language is not English. The instructor will collaborate with the Language Center of the University for additional resources.