General Information

The School of Theology educates women and men to serve the broad whole of the Episcopal Church in ordained and lay vocations. The School develops leaders who are learned, skilled, informed by the Word of God, and committed to the mission of Christ’s church, in the Anglican tradition of forming disciples through a common life of prayer, learning, and service. Sewanee’s seminary education and world-wide programs equip people for ministry through the gift of theological reflection in community.

Sewanee is a “thin” place, a place charged with God’s presence, a place where the corporal and the spiritual meet. At the School of Theology, men and women discover a brilliant, passionate faculty devoting their minds to the Church’s mission; a discipline of prayer that seeks the Holy Spirit’s shaping energy; a community united by Christ while differing in perspective and background; informed, imaginative training in pastoral leadership; an unshaken confidence in the gifts the Anglican tradition brings to the Christian movement and the world; a humane, welcoming, vibrant community amid astonishing natural beauty: that is what Sewanee offers, in God’s name.