Programs of Study

The School of Theology offers a number of programs to meet the needs of a variety of people. As an Episcopal seminary, our main focus is the formation and education of clergy. We also provide options for those who want in-depth study of theology and advanced study for both clergy and scholars. The School offers the following programs:

  • The Master of Divinity curriculum is designed to provide students with the spiritual formation, knowledge, and skills required to become committed, effective ordained clergy. To this end, the curriculum includes study of Scripture, the Christian tradition, ministerial skills, and modern cultural contexts, with a view to the reasoned practice of the ministry of Word and Sacrament in both its historical context and its contemporary setting.
  • The Master of Arts program is designed as a general academic degree for people who wish to begin advanced study of theological disciplines in a church-related setting. It involves a two-year course of study, following either a general program or pursuing a concentration in a particular discipline.
  • The Diploma of Anglican Studies is a special program that examines Anglican theology, history, spirituality, liturgy, preaching, and polity. This program is designed primarily for those who already have a divinity degree and have transferred from the ministry of other communions to ministry in the Episcopal Church. Students are introduced to the Anglican ethos through the study of the common heritage and present identity of churches comprising the Anglican Communion as well as the study of the development of Anglicanism.
  • The Certificate of Theological Studies is designed for students who wish to pursue graduate theological education without earning a degree. The program is shaped in consultation with the student’s advisor to meet the needs of the individual.
  • The Master of Sacred Theology degree provides the opportunity to gain further mastery in a chosen area of theological study. This program is intended for those who may wish to prepare for graduate study at the doctoral level or for various forms of teaching, to enhance their scholarly understanding of ministerial practice, or to engage in disciplined reflection in an area of ministry.
  • The Doctor of Ministry program provides persons actively engaged in professional ministry the opportunity to develop further the attitudes, skills, and knowledge essential to their ministry. The program stresses the relationship between the practice of ministry and Biblical, historical, and theological knowledge.