Church History and Historical Theology (CHHT)

CHHT 339     Augustine of Hippo: Self and Society  (3)

A seminar engaging two of Augustine's civilization-altering books: The Confessions and The City of God. Augustine's assessment of the cultures in which he was raised and their inadequacy for sustaining human life, and his exposition of a radical alternative in the life of the Trinity, raise acute political and social as well as personal issues. The primary focus of the course is a close literary and theological reading of major portions of Augustine's text in translation (students who read Latin are encouraged to work with the original). Secondary readings, biographical, sociopolitical, theological, and feminist, help widen and sharpen the questions brought to the texts. Prerequisite: HIST 100 and one course in philosophy or religion; or the interdisciplinary humanities sequence.

CHHT 350     Classics of the Christian Journey  (3)

This is a course of readings in Christian spirituality that share the motif of "journey" or "pilgrimage". The readings, which are all primary sources, are highly diverse, though related by their engagement with the Christian tradition and their use of this particular motif. Open only to juniors and seniors. Prerequisite: One course in HIST, PHIL, or RELG and junior or senior standing.