General Education - Observing, Experimenting, and Modeling

The following courses are approved to satisfy Learning Objective 5. Observing, Experimenting, and Modeling: The Scientific and Quantitative View. (G5)

ANTH 106Introductory Physical Anthropology and Archaeology4
BIOL 105Biology and People4
BIOL 115Conservation Biology4
BIOL 118Current Issues in Biology4
BIOL 133Introductory Molecular Biology and Genetics4
BIOL 180Principles of Human Nutrition4
BIOL 233Molecular Cell Biology4
CHEM 100Foundations of Chemistry4
CHEM 114Life, Energy, and the Atomic Bomb: How the Science of Metals Shapes Society4
FORS 204Forest Wildlife Management4
FORS 212Tropical Forest Ecology and Management4
FORS 230Urban Forest Management4
FORS 250Forests: Food, Medicine, and More4
GEOL 230Paleoecology4
GEOL 235Earth Systems and Climate Change4
NEUR 101Introduction to Neuroscience4
NEUR 225Cognitive Neuroscience4
NEUR 254Behavioral Neuroscience4
PHYS 106Foundations of Global Warming4
PHYS 120The Science of Music4
PHYS 149Survey of Astronomy4
PSYC 101Principles of Psychology4
PSYC 201Psychology of Personality4
PSYC 203Social Psychology4
PSYC 208Cognitive Psychology4
PSYC 218Psychology of Violence4
PSYC 221Adolescence4
PSYC 222Adult Development and Aging4
PSYC 224Developmental Psychopathology4
PSYC 227Health Psychology4