General Education - Comprehending Cross-Culturally - Language

The following courses are approved to satisfy Learning Objective 6. Comprehending Cross-Culturally: Language and Global Studies. (G6)

ARAB 204Intermediate Arabic II4
CHIN 301Advanced Chinese4
FREN 300Advanced French4
FREN 313Writing and Speaking French4
FREN 314Introduction to Literature, Culture, and History of the French-Speaking World4
GREK 301Homer I4
GREK 302Homer II4
GREK 303Greek Historians I4
GREK 308Greek Orators II4
GREK 310New Testament4
GREK 401Greek Tragedy I4
GREK 403Greek Comedy4
GRMN 300Advanced German4
GRMN 309Erich Kästner: A Weimar Author4
GRMN 310The Fairy Tale in German Literature and Culture: From the Brothers Grimm to Kafka and Hesse4
GRMN 311Contemporary German Culture I4
GRMN 312Contemporary German Culture II4
GRMN 321Survey of German Culture and Literature I4
GRMN 322Survey of German Culture and Literature II4
GRMN 324Literature of Berlin4
GRMN 360Sewanee in Berlin: Advanced German4
ITAL 301Introduction to Italian Literature4
ITAL 302Introduction to Drama4
ITAL 303Introduction to Prose4
ITAL 355Special Topics4
JAPN 301Composition and Conversation4
LATN 300Caesar4
LATN 301Introduction to Latin Epic4
LATN 302Cicero4
LATN 303Catullus4
LATN 305Love Elegy4
LATN 307Ovid4
LATN 308Sallust4
LATN 309Livy4
LATN 310The Roman Novel4
LATN 313Lucretius4
LATN 320Horace's Lyric Poetry4
LATN 321Horace: Satires and Epistles4
LATN 403Prose of the Roman Empire4
LATN 404Poetry of the Roman Empire4
LATN 406Roman Philosophers4
LATN 407Vergil4
RUSN 301Advanced Russian4
RUSN 302Readings in Russian Literature4
RUSN 303Introduction to Russian Verse4
RUSN 304Contemporary Russian in Cultural Context4
RUSN 311Composition and Conversation4
RUSN 312Russian Language through Film4
RUSN 401The 19th Century4
RUSN 402The 20th Century4
SPAN 300Introduction to Hispanic Literature4
SPAN 301Cultural Survey of Spain I4
SPAN 302Cultural Survey of Spain II4
SPAN 303Cultural Survey of Latin America I4
SPAN 304Cultural Survey of Latin America II4
SPAN 311Spanish Phonetics4
SPAN 322Introduction to Medieval Spain and the Road to Santiago4
SPAN 323Contemporary Spanish Culture and Civilization4