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CHEM 201     Organic Chemistry I (Lab)  (4)

A study of the nomenclature and the properties of the most important classes of organic compounds with an emphasis on concepts relating molecular structure and properties. Stereochemistry, functional group transformations and reaction mechanisms are studied in depth. Lecture, three hours; laboratory, three hours. Prerequisite: CHEM 102 or CHEM 111 or CHEM 120 or CHEM 150.


Chemistry is often referred to as the central science. As such, it interfaces with and illuminates numerous disciplines including physics, biology, forestry, and geology. Sewanee's course in general chemistry serves future majors and students from such other disciplines by providing a solid foundation in the central organizational principles of chemistry. Courses in the major amplify this understanding by providing an in-depth exploration of the major sub-disciplines: organic, inorganic, analytical, environmental, physical and biochemistry. Majors are encouraged to participate in research projects with faculty members, during the school year and in the summer and are also encouraged to participate in research groups at other schools during the summers. An active seminar series allows students to gain proficiency in oral presentation of technical material as well as learn about the frontiers of chemical research from eminent scientists.


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