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PHYS 104     Electric and Magnetic Interactions (Lab)  (4)

This course deals with electric and magnetic fields. The main goal of this course, which is formatted with an integrated lab-lecture (studio) approach, is to have the students engage in a process central to science-the attempt to model a broad range of physical phenomena using a small set of powerful fundamental principles. The course is designed for engineering and science students. The course counts in fulfillment of the general distribution requirement for a laboratory science course. The course is not open for credit to students who have earned credit for PHYS 102. Open only to new first-year students. Prerequisite: PHYS 103.

Physics and Astronomy

The Department of Physics and Astronomy provides a variety of stimulating opportunities to learn about the world around us: from everyday phenomena and modern-day technologies, through the vastness of outer space and minuteness of the nano-realm, to the bizarre quantum-relativistic fabric of physical reality. 


...requirements of the College. 1 PHYS 103 and PHYS 104 are recommended for first-year...