Approved Electives for Concentration in Religion and the Environment

ANTH 298Ecological Anthropology4
ANTH 312Place, Ritual, and Belief4
BIOL 200Entomology4
BIOL 201Ornithology (Lab)4
BIOL 221Environmental Physiology of Plants (Lab)4
BIOL 232Human Health and the Environment (Lab)4
BIOL 310Plant Evolution and Systematics (Lab)4
BIOL 340Microbiology (Lab)4
ENGL 320Poetry, Nature, and Contemplation4
ENGL 370British Romanticism: the Early 19th Century4
ENGL 396American Environmental Literature4
ENST 101Introduction to Environmental Studies4
ENST 201Foundations of Food and Agriculture4
FORS 204Forest Wildlife Management4
FORS 211Dendrology (Lab)4
FORS 212Tropical Forest Ecology and Management4
FORS 230Urban Forest Management4
FORS/GEOL 303Soils (Lab)4
FORS 305Forest Ecology (Lab)4
FORS 312Silviculture4
FORS 314Hydrology (Lab)4
FORS 319Natural Resource Management and Decisions4
GEOL 121Physical Geology (Lab)4
GEOL 222Historical Geology (Lab)4
GEOL 230Paleoecology4
GEOL 235Earth Systems and Climate Change4
GEOL 305Economic Geological Resources (Lab)4
GEOL 323Geology of the Western United States Field Trip2
HIST 100Topics in Western Civilization4
HIST 283Environmental History4
MUSC 245Music of the Birds and Bees: Music and Nature4
RUSN 363Environmental Literature and the History of Science and Ecocide in the USSR4