Tuition and Fees

Academic Year Fees 2023-2024

One-half tuition and fees1 payable by due date each semester.

Registration deposit: $100 (paid when applicant accepts admission; nonrefundable)
Annual Full-Time Tuition: $18,450 (all regular full-time students and non-degree-seeking full-time students; $750 per credit hour; $250 per hour audit fee)
Activities fee: $280
Wednesday lunch fee: $300
Vehicle registration fee: $110
Medical insurance: The student must provide a copy of their health insurance card to the Coordinator of Academic Affairs at the beginning of the Advent and Easter semesters. Failure to maintain health insurance coverage may result in a reduction or forfeiture of financial aid eligibility or in academic suspension.
University housing: Ranges from $600 to $2,000 per month based on unit size, age, condition, and amenities
Estimated cost for books: $1,500 per year
Part-time students: Fee per credit hour: $769
AUDIT fee per credit hour: $256

A person taking 12 credit hours per semester is considered a full-time student and will be charged full tuition and fees. 

Summer Term (Advanced Degrees Program) Fees

Tuition and fees are payable no later than June 1, 2024

Registration deposit: $100 (paid when applicant accepts admission; nonrefundable)
Fees: 2024 fees to be determined (approximately $82)
University housing: 2024 rate to be determined (approximately $525 double occupancy, $710 single occupancy)
Board: 2024 rate to be determined (approximately $510)
Tuition per credit hour: 2024 to be determined (approximately $650)
Audit fee per credit hour: 2024 to be determined (approximately $225)

Policy on Financial Refunds for Withdrawal

  • Refund of costs is made only for reasons of illness; withdrawal because of illness must be recommended by a physician and certified to the Dean.
  • Refunds for a withdrawal because of illness are calculated by prorating fees for the period from the date of withdrawal to the end of the semester. The amounts to be prorated are one-half of the semester’s total tuition and room charges, if any, and three-fourths of the board charge, if any. No refund is made for the activity fee or any other fees. Refunds are credited to financial aid accounts, to the extent of any financial aid; any balance is credited to the student’s account.
  • Refunds for any student who is a federal loan recipient are subject to the provisions of federal regulation (specifically, 34 CFR 668.22).
  • Payment of a credit balance occasioned by a refund for withdrawal is made during the month following withdrawal by check payable to the student at the home address.