General Education - Understanding the Arts

The following courses are approved to satisfy Learning Objective 2. Understanding the Arts: Creativity, Performance, and Interpretation. (G2)

ART 101Line, Form and Space: Studies in Drawing, Photography and Sculpture4
ART 102Color, Motion, and Time: Studies in Digital Art, Painting, and Video4
ART 103Introduction to Lens and Time-based Media4
ART 104Introduction to Three- and Four-Dimensional Media4
ART 105Introduction to Drawing and Two-Dimensional Media4
ART 231Topics in Electronic and Interactive Art4
ART 242The Lens and the Landscape: Documentary Studies and the Environment4
ART 243Cutting Time: Topics in Contemporary Video Production and the Moving Image4
ART 248Video off the Wall: Topics in Video Installation Art4
ART 251Topics in Contemporary Drawing4
ART 255Collage and Assemblage: Combinations of Contemporary Culture4
ART 259Drawing from Life4
ART 261The Lens, Time and Space: Topics in Photography4
ART 263Intermediate Documentary Projects in Photography4
ART 281Material, Space, and Form: Topics in Contemporary Sculpture4
ART 282Sustainable Structures4
ART 285Modeling and Casting in Contemporary Sculpture4
ART 287Electronic Sculpture4
ART 291Topics in Contemporary Painting4
ART 299Painting from Life4
ARTH 103Survey of Western Art I4
ARTH 104Survey of Western Art II4
ARTH 105The Arts of Asia4
ARTH 202History of Photography4
ARTH 212American Animation, 1910-19604
ARTH 345Modern Art4
ARTH 350Spanish Painting4
ARTH 365Modern and Postmodern Architecture4
ARTH 370Art in Germany: 1919-19334
ARTH 495Spanish Art, Western Art, and the Road to Santiago4
ARTH 497Europe: A Community in the Arts4
CLST 123Explorations in Antiquity and the Arts4
CLST 150Classics in Cinema4
CLST 207Greek Archaeology4
CLST 208Roman Archaeology4
CSCI 276Multimedia Programming and Design4
DANC 105Experiencing Dance History and Culture4
FILM 105Introduction to World Cinema4
FILM 108History of Film: Invention to Mid-Century4
FILM 109History of Film: Mid-Century to the Present4
FYRP 103First-Year Seminar: Photography of What is Not Seen4
FYRP 105First-Year Seminar: Mountain Music Up and Down Sewanee Mountain4
FYRP 110First-Year Seminar: Clothing, Textiles, and the Identity of Place4
FYRP 118First Year Seminar: Memory, History, and Story - Site Specific Devised Performance4
FYRP 119First-Year Seminar: Building Place—The Architecture and Art of Sewanee4
GRMN 353German Film4
HUMN 104Experience, Expression, and Exchange in Western Culture: Texts and Contexts of the Medieval World4
HUMN 106Experience, Expression, and Exchange: Texts and Contexts of the Modern World4
HUMN 205Reading the Labyrinth4
HUMN 207Experience, Expression, and Exchange: The Great War and the Emergence of Modern Memory4
HUMN 214Experience, Expression, and Exchange: Histories of Science, Vision, and Art: 1500-Present4
HUMN 217Imitation, Quotation, Appropriation, and Genre4
INGS 100Media and Globalization4
MUSC 101Music of Western Civilization4
MUSC 103Music Fundamentals II: Composing for the Keyboard2
MUSC 104Music Fundamentals: Keyboard Skills4
MUSC 141"Ramblin' Blues": The Back Roads of Southern Music4
MUSC 151Song, Symphony, Stage: Music in Western Civilization4
MUSC 224Musics of Latin America4
RUSN 355Russian and Soviet Film4
SPAN 381History of Latin American Cinema4
SPAN 392Audiovisual Cultures in Latin America4
SPAN 393Spanish and Hispanic American Women Filmmakers4
THTR 101Introduction to Theatre4
THTR 131Fundamentals of Acting4
THTR 246Design and Décor Period Styles4