General Education - Observing, Experimenting, and Modeling - Experiential or Experimental Courses

The following courses are approved to satisfy the Experiential or Experimental requirement of Learning Objective 5. (G5E)

BIOL 130Field Investigations in Biology4
BIOL 275Histology and Microanatomy4
CHEM 110The Science of Food and Cooking4
CHEM 112Chemistry of Art and Artifacts4
CHEM 115Crime Scene Chemistry (Lab)4
CHEM 120General Chemistry (Lab)4
CHEM 150Advanced General Chemistry (Lab)4
ESCI 240Island Ecology (Lab)8
FORS 121Introduction to Forestry (Lab)4
FORS 211Dendrology (Lab)4
FORS 262Forest and Watershed Restoration (Lab)4
FORS 303Soils (Lab)4
FORS 314Hydrology (Lab)4
FYRP 101First-Year Seminar: Creating Place4
FYRP 104First-Year Seminar: The Ecology of Place4
FYRP 108First-Year Seminar: Water is Life4
FYRP 109First-Year Seminar: Land and Life4
GEOL 121Physical Geology (Lab)4
GEOL 221Mineralogy (Lab)4
GEOL 222Historical Geology (Lab)4
GEOL 225Sedimentology (Lab)4
GEOL 303Soils (Lab)4
GEOL 305Economic Geological Resources (Lab)4
GEOL 314Hydrology (Lab)4
GEOL 325Field and Structural Geology (Lab)4
PHYS 101General Physics I (Lab)4
PHYS 102General Physics II (Lab)4
PHYS 103Modern Mechanics (Lab)4
PHYS 104Electric and Magnetic Interactions (Lab)4
PHYS 250Solar System Astronomy (Lab)4
PHYS 251Stellar and Galactic Astronomy (Lab)4
PSYC 100Introduction to Psychology (Lab)4
PSYC 251Research Methods and Data Analysis4