Physical Education and Athletics

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All students must receive credit for two semesters of work in physical education deemed satisfactory by the Department of Physical Education and Athletics. Students must have earned one PE credit before the end of the first year, and a second PE credit before the end of the sophomore year. Exceptions may be made by petition to the College Standards Committee. Student completion or non-completion of required physical education courses is recorded on the transcript on a Pass/Fail basis. Each class generally consists of two scheduled periods each week of one hour in length. These courses do not count toward the thirty-two academic courses required for graduation.

The department offers instruction in various activities throughout the year governed by student-expressed interest.


Among the objectives of this program are to:

  1. Develop an enthusiasm for playing a game or sport well enough that it may be enjoyed both in college and later life;
  2. Develop agility and coordination of mind, eye, and body;
  3. Grow in understanding of, and develop skills in, maintaining physical fitness and overall wellness for daily living.

Intramural and Varsity Sports

Participation in a year-long program of varsity (or club) athletics in one sport yields two physical education credits.

The intramural program for men offers competition in touch football, volleyball, basketball, racquetball, golf, ping pong, pool, floor hockey, team handball, equestrian, and Ultimate Frisbee®. Women’s intramural athletics include volleyball, basketball, softball, football, soccer, cross country, racquetball, and tennis.

Schedules are maintained in the following men’s varsity sports: football, soccer, basketball, swimming and diving, baseball, tennis, golf, lacrosse, and track & field. Athletic activities for women students include the following varsity sports: basketball, cross country, equestrian, field hockey, golf, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, track & field, lacrosse, and volleyball.

  • Director Webb
  • Assistant Director of Athletics (Facilities) McCarthy
  • Coach Braden, Chair

A current list of athletic coaches by sport and athletic administration and staff may be found here.

Physical Education and Athletics Courses

PHED 102     Racquetball  (0)

PHED 103     Weight Exercise  (0)

PHED 104     Beginning Ballet  (0)

PHED 105     Beginning Tennis  (0)

PHED 106     Beginning Fencing  (0)

PHED 108     Beginning Handball  (0)

PHED 110     Aerobics  (0)

PHED 111     Zumba  (0)

PHED 113     Beginning Jazz  (0)

PHED 115     Beginning Riding  (0)

PHED 116     Introduction to Horse Management  (0)

This course introduces the basics of handling and caring for horses, including groundwork, grooming, nutrition, veterinary care, and farrier requirements. Though unmounted, this course requires strenuous physical activity managing horses.

PHED 119     Weight Training  (0)

PHED 123     Beginning Tap Dance  (0)

PHED 124     Basketball  (0)

PHED 125     Lifetime of Fitness: Running  (0)

PHED 126     Lifetime of Fitness: Swimming  (0)

PHED 127     Lifetime of Fitness: Biking  (0)

PHED 128     Lifetime of Fitness: Mountain Biking  (0)

PHED 129     Lifetime of Fitness: Beginning Golf  (0)

PHED 130     Lifetime of Fitness: Beginning Soccer  (0)

PHED 131     Lifetime of Fitness: Squash  (0)

PHED 132     Lifetime of Fitness: Badminton  (0)

PHED 133     Lifetime of Fitness: European Handball  (0)

PHED 134     Lifetime of Fitness: Bocce  (0)

PHED 135     Lifetime of Fitness: Frisbee Golf  (0)

PHED 136     Lifetime of Fitness: Speed and Agility  (0)

PHED 137     Lifetime of Fitness: Ultimate Frisbee  (0)

PHED 138     Lifetime of Fitness: Change-Bell Ringing  (0)

English Change Ringing is a non-competitive and non-contact team activity performed on the ring of eight bells in Breslin Tower. The "exercise," as it is commonly known, is highly stimulating intellectually and mildly demanding physically. It develops mental and physical skills in the context of a communal effort. A successful student will acquire the bells handling skills necessary to begin ringing the changes.

PHED 139     Advanced English Change Ringing  (0)

Skill development to ring common English change ringing methods such as hunting, Plain Bob, Grandsire, Steadman, etc. Prerequisite: PHED 138.

PHED 152     Fly Fishing  (0)

PHED 153     Introduction to Fishing  (0)

Introduction to fishing includes instruction on the use of various equipment, baiting and setting the hook, and reeling in fish. Instructor will also share information on different types of fishing and how fishing affects the environment.

PHED 154     Beginning Modern Dance  (0)

PHED 155     Advanced Beginning Riding  (0)

PHED 165     Beginning Jumping  (0)

PHED 166     Introduction to Hunter Seat Equitation  (0)

PHED 167     Schooling the Hunter  (0)

PHED 168     Foundations of Flourishing and Well-Being  (0)

Foundations of Well-Being prepares students for academic, personal, and social success by exploring the science and practice of positive psychology to better understand the roots of a happy and meaningful life. The course is experiential and interactive, and students are required to participate in wellness activities both inside and outside of the classroom. Students will gain a clear understanding of the factors and practices that contribute to their own well-being, will be motivated to consistently apply those practices in their daily lives, and experience a sense of belonging and commitment to community well-being.

PHED 170     Stretch and Relax  (0)

PHED 171     Introduction to Hatha Yoga  (0)

PHED 172     Pilates  (0)

The pilates exercise program creates length, strength, and flexibility in the muscles. It promotes body balance and helps to provide spinal support. The program also uses mental focus to improve efficiency of movement while encouraging the control of muscles.

PHED 173     Intermediate Pilates  (0)

The intermediate Pilates exercise program encourages length, strength, and flexibility in the muscles. It promotes body balance and helps to provide spinal support. The program also uses mental focus to improve efficiency of movement and muscle control. Prerequisite: PHED 172.

PHED 174     Introduction to Team Sports  (0)

Introduction to a variety of team sports such as: volleyball, football, basketball and soccer. Students will learn the rules and practice each sport. Head coaches will serve as guest speakers to share specific experiences and answer questions.

PHED 175     Novice Riding  (0)

PHED 180     Sport Aviation  (0)

This course teaches the ground school requirements for the private pilot's license and provides instruction of basic flying skills.

PHED 190     Beginning Bouldering  (0)

Bouldering is a type of low-to-the-ground rock climbing that does not utilize ropes or most other technical climbing equipment. Sewanee, with its sandstone crags and bouldering wall is ideally suited to this popular sport. Taught by the Sewanee Outing Program, the course covers the basics of the sport, with special emphasis on safety and fun.

PHED 200     Martial Arts  (0)

PHED 204     Intermediate Ballet  (0)

PHED 205     Intermediate Tennis  (0)

PHED 213     Intermediate Jazz  (0)

PHED 214     Pilgrimage to Santiago  (0)

Prerequisite: Only open to students admitted to the Sewanee Summer in Spain program.

PHED 215     Intermediate Riding  (0)

PHED 216     Advanced Horse Management  (0)

This course continues the study of handling and caring for courses, including equine physiology and anatomy, equine behavior and body language, herd behavior, and groundwork. Though unmounted, this course requires strenuous physical activity managing horses. Prerequisite: PHED 116 or one course in equestrian physical education.

PHED 223     Intermediate Tap Dance  (0)

Prerequisite: PHED 123 or THTR 123.

PHED 225     Lifetime of Wellness: Golf  (0)

PHED 226     Lifetime of Wellness: Tennis  (0)

PHED 227     Lifetime of Wellness: Weight Training  (0)

PHED 228     Lifetime of Wellness: Beginner to Intermediate Road Biking  (0)

PHED 229     Lifetime of Wellness: Recreational Sports  (0)

PHED 230     Lifetime of Wellness: Table Tennis  (0)

PHED 231     Lifetime of Wellness: Reducing Stress through Meditation and Movement  (0)

Through methods of systematic cultivation of awareness of body and mind such as stretching, yoga, body-scan, attention to breathing, sitting and walking meditation, and loving-kindness meditation, this course encourages greater health and well-being. The promotion of greater awareness reduces anxiety, anger, and depression while enhancing psychological resilience, the ability to act effectively under increased short and long-term stress, and energy and enthusiasm for life. Taught in a compressed seven-week format, this course requires daily practice outside of class and student participation in one four-hour weekend class meeting.

PHED 232     Lifetime of Fitness: Les Mills Body Combat  (0)

Students participate in a 55-minute high intensity martial arts-inspired group fitness class, produced and choreographed by Les Mills (average number of calories burned is 737).

PHED 233     Lifetime of Wellness: Mindful Self-Compassion  (0)

Through meditation, lecture, group exercises, discussion, and informal daily practice, this course provides tools for encouraging self-compassion. Students learn to motivate themselves with kindness and recognize and meet difficult emotions with greater ease. Empirical studies have demonstrated that this class increases compassion to self and others, mindfulness, and life satisfaction while reducing anxiety, depression, stress, and emotional avoidance. Taught in a compressed seven-week format, this course requires daily practice outside of class and student participation in one four-hour weekend class meeting.

PHED 234     Group Blast  (0)

Group Blast is cardio training that uses The STEP in highly elective, athletic ways. It will get your heart pounding and sweat pouring as you improve your fitness, agility, coordination, and strength with exciting music and group energy.

PHED 240     Hiking on the Western Geology Trip  (0)

Prerequisite: Only open to students admitted to the Geology of the Western U.S. Field Trip program.

PHED 251     Scuba  (0)

PHED 252     Advanced Scuba  (0)

Prerequisite: PHED 251.

PHED 253     Rescue Scuba  (0)

Prerequisite: PHED 252.

PHED 261     Road Cycling  (0)

A two-day, 150-mile event in middle Tennessee conducted in fall with the Sewanee Outdoor Program. Twenty-five mile training rides, taken three times per week, are led by the SOP and are required to condition for this event.

PHED 262     Alpine Mountaineering Traverse in Colorado  (0)

A ten-day Sewanee Outdoor Program winter alpine expedition in Colorado, for which three days are devoted to acclimating hikes in the San Juan mountains; seven days are spent snowshoeing, backpacking, and camping on a thirty-five mile traverse on the continental divide. Requires pre-trip preparation, special instruction, weekly training runs and hikes, and additional fee. Prerequisite: Only open to students admitted to this Outing Program.

PHED 263     Marathon and Half-Marathon Runs  (0)

The Sewanee Outing Program gives instruction and facilitates twelve weeks of required training runs in preparation for either Sewanee's Rocks Roots trail run (22 or 13.1 miles) or Nashville’s Music City Marathon (26.2 or 13.1 miles).

PHED 264     Canoeing the Rio Grande  (0)

This seven-day Sewanee Outdoor Program expedition, in preparation for which weekly training and paddling sessions are required, involves canoeing and camping through eighty-three miles of Lower Canyons in a true wilderness setting along the Mexico-Texas border. Prerequisite: Only open to students admitted to this Outing Program.

PHED 270     T'ai Chi  (0)

PHED 272     Fitness and Wellness Instructor Training  (0)

This course covers the design and instruction of safe and effective group fitness classes. Students learn how to lead cardio and strength training formats and practice how to safely and effectively use music, equipment, and basic fitness principles. This class is not a certification, but is excellent preparation for a national certification such as ACE or AFAA.

PHED 273     Advanced: Fitness and Wellness Instructor Teaching Seminars  (0)

This course is for students who complete PHED 272 and would like to teach fitness classes at the University Wellness Commons. Students learn additional fitness formats, teach fitness classes, and meet as a group to discuss teaching strategies, set-backs, and best practices. Prerequisite: PHED 272.

PHED 303     Water Polo  (0)

This course emphasizes fundamental water polo skills (egg-­beater, passing, catching, and shooting), as well as the development of game awareness through an exploration of offensive and defensive strategies for set play, counterattack, and man-up/man?down situations.

PHED 304     Advanced Ballet Technique  (0)

PHED 306     Advanced Fencing  (0)

Prerequisite: PHED 106.

PHED 308     Advanced Handball  (0)

PHED 315     Advanced Riding  (0)

PHED 325     Canoe Team  (0)

PHED 326     Lacrosse  (0)

PHED 328     Rugby  (0)

PHED 330     Crew Team  (0)

PHED 331     Squash Team  (0)

PHED 332     Club Tennis  (0)

Involves twice-weekly practice sessions and some participation in outside events with other club tennis teams.

PHED 334     Club Ice Hockey  (0)

This course emphasizes ice hockey fundamentals such as stick handling, passing, receiving, and shooting as well as team strategy for both offensive and defensive sets. Intermediate to advanced ice skating skills are required as is participation in weekly practice sessions and events with other ice hockey club teams.

PHED 335     Three-Day Eventing  (0)

Learn the fundamentals of Dressage, Show Jumping, and Cross Country. Students must provide a horse or lease a horse from the University to compete on the Sewanee Eventing Team. Prerequisite: PHED 215 or PHED 315 or PHED 463.

PHED 350     Skill Training for Emergency Medical Technicians  (0)

Emphasis of this course, geared toward the training of Sewanee EMT students, is on practical skills such as bandaging and splinting, proper lifting and moving of patients, and extricating people from car accidents. The course trains students to perform rescue techniques including chest compressions, rescue breathing, and the manual stabilization of fractured limbs. By the end, students are expected to demonstrate competency on all skills required for EMT qualification.

PHED 351     American Red Cross Lifeguard  (0)

PHED 352     American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor  (0)

PHED 366     Hunter Seat Equitation  (0)

This course is for riders at the advanced level who are interested in furthering their equitation knowledge and skills. Prerequisite: PHED 215 or PHED 315.

PHED 368     Schooling the Jumper  (0)

This course is for riders at the intermediate or advanced level who are interested in furthering their knowledge about jumpers. Prerequisite: PHED 215 or PHED 315.

PHED 401     Water Safety Instruction  (0)

PHED 403     Advanced Weight Training  (0)

PHED 444     Independent Study  (0)

To be taken only with explicit permission from the liaison between physical education and the academic program. Prerequisite: Instructor prerequisite override required.

PHED 449     Varsity Cheerleading  (0)

PHED 450     Varsity Swimming/Diving  (0)

PHED 451     Varsity Tennis  (0)

PHED 452     Varsity Baseball  (0)

PHED 453     Varsity Basketball  (0)

PHED 454     Varsity Golf  (0)

PHED 455     Varsity Soccer  (0)

PHED 456     Varsity Track and Field  (0)

PHED 457     Varsity Lacrosse  (0)

PHED 458     Varsity Football  (0)

PHED 459     Varsity Field Hockey  (0)

PHED 460     Varsity Cross Country  (0)

PHED 461     Varsity Volleyball  (0)

PHED 462     Varsity Softball  (0)

PHED 463     Varsity Equestrian  (0)