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FORS 201     Natural Resources Issues and Policies  (4)

An overview of the contemporary use of renewable and nonrenewable natural resources on local, national, and international scales. This discussion-oriented class focuses on the controversial social and environmental issues that have shaped the formation of natural resource policy in the United States and the world.

Approved Electives for the Africana and African American Studies Track in American Studies

The following courses are recommended as electives. Other classes, not included in the list below, may be counted toward the major with the approval of the program director. Students majoring in AAAS track should work closely with their advisor in designing their program of study and selecting the appropriate electives. For ARTH 340 , MUSC 201 , and MUSC 223 , students should consult the instructor about the possibility of directing their written work or other assignments towards subjects pertaining to AAAS.


...for the Major in Chemistry Honors Requirements for...all chemistry courses numbered 201 or higher. 2...


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Pre-professional Programs

...curriculum for the student. The Babson Center for...of organic chemistry ( CHEM 201 and CHEM 202...