Approved Electives for the Africana and African American Studies Track in American Studies

The following courses are recommended as electives. Other classes, not included in the list below, may be counted toward the major with the approval of the program director. Students majoring in AAAS track should work closely with their advisor in designing their program of study and selecting the appropriate electives. For ARTH 340, MUSC 201, and MUSC 223, students should consult the instructor about the possibility of directing their written work or other assignments towards subjects pertaining to AAAS.

AMST 251Black Masculinity in the United States4
AMST 255Imagining Africa4
AMST 340African American Women's Short Stories4
AMST 351Toni Morrison4
ANTH 302Southern Cultures4
ANTH 304Peoples and Cultures of Africa4
ANTH 305Cultures of Latin America4
ANTH 311Gender and Class in Latin America4
ANTH 314Gender, Colonialism, and Culture in Greater Mexico4
ANTH 317The Anthropology of Development4
ANTH 379Ethnicities4
ARTH 340American Art4
ENGL 395African-American Literature4
HIST 214Africa Inside Out4
HIST 215Southern African History4
HIST 219History of Africa to 18804
HIST 220History of Africa Since 18804
HIST 223Latin American History to 18254
HIST 224Latin American History Since 18264
HIST 231African-American History to 18654
HIST 232African-American History since 18654
HIST 316The African-American Church in Slavery and Freedom4
HIST 317African-American Intellectual History4
HIST 318African American Women and Religion4
HIST 322Southern Lives4
HIST 324Colonial and Imperial Warfare in North America and Southern Africa4
HIST 327The Old South4
HIST 329The New South4
HIST 347The American Civil Rights Movement4
HIST 363Peasant Resistance and Rebellion in Latin America, 1500-19904
HIST 382Global Segregation, Race, and Popular Culture in the United States and South Africa4
HIST 385Missionaries, Mullahs, and Marabouts: African Encounters with Christianity and Islam4
HIST 386African Environmental History4
HIST 387Slavery and the Slave Trade in Africa4
HIST 393America's Civil War4
HIST 394Reconstructing the South4
HIST 493The Civil War and American Historical Memory4
MUSC 201Bach, Beethoven, and the Beatles: History of Music in the Modern Era4
MUSC 223American Music4
POLS 223Public Policy4
POLS 227Africa in World Politics4
POLS 230Politics in Nigeria and South Africa4
POLS 311Politics of Central America and the Caribbean4
POLS 329Comparative African Politics4
POLS 373African-American Political Thought4
WMST 251Black Masculinity in the United States4
WMST 340African American Women's Short Stories4
WMST 351Toni Morrison4