Asian Cultures Electives

ASIA 203Chinese Martial Arts Cinema4
ASIA 204Themes in New Chinese Cinema4
ASIA 205Modern China through Fiction and Film4
ASIA 208Modern Chinese Literature in Translation4
ASIA 209Japanese Literature and Culture4
ASIA 217Modern Japanese Literature4
ASIA 220Japanese Folklore and Mythology4
ASIA 230The Land of the Rising "Sons": The Concept of the Child and Children's Culture in Japan4
ASIA 232Father Emperor, Mother Land: Family and Nationalism in Modern Japan4
ASIA 233The Fantastical World of Anime4
ASIA 235Love in Modern Japan4
ASIA 237Gender and Sexuality in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture4
ASIA 320Gender and Sexuality in Japanese Culture4
ECON 345Economic Development in China4
ECON 347Microfinance Institutions in South Asia4
HIST 211China: Inside the Great Wall4
HIST 212China: Manchus to Massacre, Dynasty to Dictatorship4
HIST 216History of Japan4
HIST 221History of India and South Asia I4
HIST 351History of Modern India through Cinema and Literature4
HIST 388The United States and Vietnam since 19454
HIST 455European Empires in Asia4
HIST 456Partition and Its Meanings: India, Ireland, and Palestine4
INGS 304Politics and Society in Modern India4
JAPN 303Readings in Japanese: Modern Short Stories and Poetry4
PHIL 215Chinese Philosophy4
PHIL 226Philosophical Issues in Daoism4
POLS 248China's Environmental Crisis4
POLS 249China and the World4
POLS 360Chinese Politics4
RELG 164Studying Asian Religions (in the West)4
RELG 262Buddhist Traditions4
RELG 342Mindfulness: East and West4
RELG 353Buddhism and the Environment4
RELG 364Buddhist Ethics4