Requirements for the Major in Latin

The major requires successful completion of the following:

Course Requirements
Select at least eight courses in Latin (LATN)32
Select three additional courses drawn from Greek (GREK), Latin (LATN), classical studies (CLST), or from the approved list (below) 1, 212
Total Semester Hours44
Additional Requirements
A comprehensive examination 3

Approved List

ARTH 103Survey of Western Art I4
ARTH 494Greece, the Eastern Aegean, and Italy: the Monuments and Centers of Classical Civilization4
ENGL 494Ancient Greek Roman Literature: Greek Lyric Poetry, Tragedy and Comedy, Roman Drama Love Poetry4
HIST 302Ancient Rome4
HIST 495War and Society in Ancient Greece and Rome4
PHIL 203Ancient Philosophy from Homer to Augustine4
PHIL 492Plato, Aristotle, and the Legacy of Ancient Philosophy2
RELG 232God and Empire: Biblical Texts and Colonial Contexts4


To be eligible for departmental honors, a student majoring in classical languages, Greek, or Latin is required to pass all courses in the major with a B average, to pass the comprehensive examination with a grade of A or B, and to complete an acceptable honors paper.