History Courses Focused on the Period before 1700

HIST 205History of Britain and Ireland I4
HIST 207Russia: Autocracy, Orthodoxy, Serfdom, Revolution4
HIST 209Early Modern Europe4
HIST 210Early Modern Cities4
HIST 211China: Inside the Great Wall4
HIST 213Early Modern Courts4
HIST 216History of Japan4
HIST 221History of India and South Asia I4
HIST 223Latin American History to 18254
HIST 225Empire in the New World: Incas and Aztecs4
HIST 296History of the Middle East I4
HIST 298History of Islam4
HIST 301Ancient Greece4
HIST 302Ancient Rome4
HIST 303Medieval Europe I4
HIST 304Medieval Europe II4
HIST 305Medieval Women -- In Their Own Words4
HIST 313Youth and Families in Early Modern Europe4
HIST 315Saints, Witches, and Heretics in Early Modern Europe4
HIST 354Renaissance Humanism4
HIST 365Medieval England I4
HIST 366Medieval England II4
HIST 368Saints and Society in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages4
HIST 369Muslim Spain: Glory, Decline, and Lasting Influence in Contemporary Spain4
HIST 370Ritual and Worship in the Long English Reformation4
HIST 371Tudor England 1485-16034
HIST 372Stuart England 1603-17144
HIST 373English Puritanism 1558-17004
HIST 374Anglicanism 1350-16624
HIST 387Slavery and the Slave Trade in Africa4
HIST 402China4
HIST 410Five Centuries of Atlantic Slavery, 1400-19004
HIST 470Ways of Seeing and Knowing in the Early Modern World4
HIST 480Reformation to Revolution: Religion and Politics in Early Modern England4
HIST 491European Life in the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance2
HIST 495War and Society in Ancient Greece and Rome4
HIST 496History and Religion in Medieval Europe4