History Courses Focused on the Period before 1700

HIST 205History of Britain and Ireland I4
HIST 207Russia: Autocracy, Orthodoxy, Serfdom, Revolution4
HIST 209Early Modern Europe4
HIST 210Early Modern Cities4
HIST 211China: Inside the Great Wall4
HIST 216History of Japan4
HIST 221History of India and South Asia I4
HIST 223Latin American History to 18254
HIST 225Empire in the New World: Incas and Aztecs4
HIST 234British Reformations4
HIST 292Jews in the Greco-Roman World4
HIST 296History of the Middle East I4
HIST 298History of Islam4
HIST 302Ancient Rome4
HIST 303Medieval Europe I4
HIST 304Medieval Europe II4
HIST 305Medieval Women -- In Their Own Words4
HIST 313Youth and Social networks in the Early Modern4
HIST 366Medieval England II4
HIST 368Saints and Society in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages4
HIST 369Muslim Spain: Glory, Decline, and Lasting Influence in Contemporary Spain4
HIST 387Slavery and the Slave Trade in Africa4
HIST 410Five Centuries of Atlantic Slavery, 1400-19004
HIST 491European Life in the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance2
HIST 495War and Society in Ancient Greece and Rome4
HIST 496History and Religion in Medieval Europe4