Thematic Sub-categories

Courses in this category deal with transnational forms of political, economic, and cultural organization and practice in both the past and the present.

Global Capitalism

Courses in this sub-category deal with issues related to the rise and spread of capitalism as well as the growing economic integration of the world’s economies. Themes covered include the history of capitalism, socialism, and other forms of economic activity, social and economic development, trade networks and practices, the experiences of work and social life as these are transformed through economic integration, and strategies for addressing economic inequality and poverty.

ANTH 317The Anthropology of Development4
ECON 309Women in the Economy4
ECON 310Economic Development4
ECON 311Health and Development4
ECON 312Health Economics4
ECON 326Growth Theory4
ECON 335Environmental Economics4
ECON 336Energy Economics4
ECON 343International Trade4
ECON 344International Finance4
ECON 345Economic Development in China4
ECON 346Introduction to Asian Development2
ECON 347Microfinance Institutions in South Asia4
ECON 348Social Entrepreneurship4
FREN 417Topics of the French-Speaking World4
HIST 346History of Socialism4
HIST 403Capitalism in Britain and the United States4
HIST 410Five Centuries of Atlantic Slavery, 1400-19004
HIST 420The History of International Development4
HIST 421The History of Sustainability and Sustainable Development4
INGS 104Oil: The Fuel of Globalization4
INGS 301The Global Financial Crisis: Causes and Effects4
POLS 280The Politics of Development and Foreign Aid4
POLS 366International Political Economy4
POLS 367Political Economy of Asia and Latin America4
POLS 382International Environmental Policy4
POLS 402Topics in Political Economy4

Global Culture and Society

Courses in this sub-category are focused on the transnational circulation of people, ideas, and culture, especially shared symbolic media and knowledge transfers, but also the histories of interaction such as missionization, colonialism, and migration that help to produce them. Issues addressed include global cultural aspirations, the creation of hybrid cultural forms, and the specter of a homogenized global culture.

ANTH 290Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective4
ANTH 314Gender, Colonialism, and Culture in Greater Mexico4
ANTH 319Medical Anthropology4
ARTH 496Islamic Spain and Spanish Art4
ASIA 203Chinese Martial Arts Cinema4
ASIA 204Themes in New Chinese Cinema4
ASIA 233The Fantastical World of Anime4
ENGL 316The Novel in the Global Age4
ENGL 399World Literature in English4
FILM 105Introduction to World Cinema4
FILM 108History of Film: Invention to Mid-Century4
FILM 109History of Film: Mid-Century to the Present4
FREN 314Introduction to Literature, Culture, and History of the French-Speaking World4
FREN 321Studies in Culture and Literature Abroad4
FREN 405The Eighteenth Century4
FREN 411Culture through History4
FREN 413Modern France Through Film and Text4
FREN 417Topics of the French-Speaking World4
FREN 419Introduction to French Linguistics4
GRMN 356The Nazi Period4
GRMN 357German Queer Cinema4
GRMN 358Borders, Margins, and Identities in German Culture4
HIST 210Early Modern Cities4
HIST 218The Age of Enlightenment4
HIST 270European Women in War, Revolution, and Terrorism4
HIST 271The French Revolutionary Era, 1789-18144
HIST 298History of Islam4
HIST 324Colonial and Imperial Warfare in North America and Southern Africa4
HIST 331Modern Cities4
HIST 335Monsters, Marvels, and Museums4
HIST 337Nature, Magic, and Machines in Early Modern Europe4
HIST 346History of Socialism4
HIST 353The Nazi Period4
HIST 382Global Segregation, Race, and Popular Culture in the United States and South Africa4
HIST 385Missionaries, Mullahs, and Marabouts: African Encounters with Christianity and Islam4
HIST 387Slavery and the Slave Trade in Africa4
HIST 430Political Islam4
HIST 470Ways of Seeing and Knowing in the Early Modern World4
HIST 472Marriage and Imagined Families in the Modern World4
INGS 100Media and Globalization4
INGS 102… and the World was Round: Sixteenth-Century Roots of Globalization4
INGS 103The Global Detective4
INGS 201African Youth Cultures in Post-Colonial Urban Africa4
INGS 207Globalization, Popular Culture, and Politics in West Africa4
INGS 208West and Central Africa in the Atlantic World4
INGS 302Global Cities4
INGS 304Politics and Society in Modern India4
INGS 305Narrating Place/Space in Contemporary World Film4
INGS 308Body Film: Representing the Body in Contemporary World Cinema4
INGS 311Islam and Ecology4
INGS 313"Foreigners" of the Middle East4
INGS 314The History of Current Events in the Middle East4
INGS 316Global Migration and Border Crises4
MUSC 105Introduction to World Music4
POLS 382International Environmental Policy4
POLS 404Race, Politics, and Empire4
POLS 433Human Rights4
RELG 220Holocaust, Religion, Morality4
RELG 232God and Empire: Biblical Texts and Colonial Contexts4
RELG 262Buddhist Traditions4
SPAN 330Middle Ages in Spanish Culture and Literature4
SPAN 334The Culture of Chivalry4
SPAN 364Spanish Women Writers4
SPAN 388Women Authors of the Hispanic Caribbean and Diaspora4
SPAN 389U.S. Latino and Latina Literature and Culture4
SPAN 404Spanish Civil War and its Legacy4
SPAN 406Cultural Icons in Latin America4
SPAN 408Migrations in Latin American and Latino Literature and Film4
SPAN 409Marvel and Margin in Latin American Culture4

Global Politics

Courses in this sub-category are focused on explaining transnational political processes in both the past and present. Training provides key conceptual frameworks related to the study of global power relations as they are manifested in political, economic, and cultural realms, and the operation of the global political system through the medium of inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations. These conceptual frameworks provide the essential context for students’ understanding of global problems such as international conflict and cooperation, development, security, social inequality, and human rights.

ANTH 314Gender, Colonialism, and Culture in Greater Mexico4
ENGL 368Fictions of Empire4
FREN 417Topics of the French-Speaking World4
HIST 215Southern African History4
HIST 219History of Africa to 18804
HIST 220History of Africa Since 18804
HIST 324Colonial and Imperial Warfare in North America and Southern Africa4
HIST 359United States and Latin America since 18984
HIST 382Global Segregation, Race, and Popular Culture in the United States and South Africa4
HIST 386African Environmental History4
HIST 430Political Islam4
HIST 455European Empires in Asia4
HIST 456Partition and Its Meanings: India, Ireland, and Palestine4
INGS 101Geopolitics of Everyday Life4
INGS 207Globalization, Popular Culture, and Politics in West Africa4
INGS 208West and Central Africa in the Atlantic World4
INGS 303Transition to Democracy: The Case of East Germany, 19894
INGS 312Africa and the West Since 18004
INGS 314The History of Current Events in the Middle East4
INGS 316Global Migration and Border Crises4
INGS 406From Berlin to Addis Ababa: Africa and International Summitry4
POLS 209Immigration, Politics, and Identity4
POLS 220International Conflict4
POLS 227Africa in World Politics4
POLS 228The Politics of the Modern Middle East and North Africa4
POLS 270Introduction to International Security4
POLS 311Politics of Central America and the Caribbean4
POLS 314Civil Wars4
POLS 318Comparative Politics: South America and Mexico4
POLS 319Global Gender Issues4
POLS 320Gender and Politics in the Middle East and North Africa4
POLS 321Global Health Governance4
POLS 327The Politics of Transitional and Post-Conflict Justice4
POLS 329Comparative African Politics4
POLS 339The Political Economy of Development in Zambia and Botswana4
POLS 346Contemporary Social Movements4
POLS 351Modern European Politics4
POLS 355The Art of Diplomacy4
POLS 363Comparative Democratization4
POLS 364European Union4
POLS 365Global Institutions and Policies4
POLS 370International Law in International Relations4
POLS 382International Environmental Policy4
POLS 390The United Nations4
POLS 402Topics in Political Economy4
POLS 411The Politics of Aids4
POLS 412Terrorism and Global Security4
POLS 430Research Seminar: Topics in International Security4
POLS 431Ethnicity and Political Violence4
POLS 433Human Rights4
POLS 441Gender, Violence, and Power4
RELG 344Religion and Violence4