Approved Electives in Women's and Gender Studies

AMST 251Black Masculinity in the United States4
AMST 340African American Women's Short Stories4
AMST 351Toni Morrison4
ANTH 203The Anthropology of Gender4
ANTH 290Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective4
ANTH 311Gender and Class in Latin America4
ANTH 314Gender, Colonialism, and Culture in Greater Mexico4
ARTH 308Gender in Japanese Art4
ARTH 322Art and Devotion in Late Medieval and Early Modern Northern Europe4
ASIA 205Modern China through Fiction and Film4
ASIA 235Love in Modern Japan4
ASIA 237Gender and Sexuality in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture4
ASIA 320Gender and Sexuality in Japanese Culture4
CLST 349Sex and Sexuality in Classical Antiquity4
CLST 350Women and Gender in Classical Antiquity4
ECON 309Women in the Economy4
ENGL 207Women in Literature4
ENGL 330The Life and Literature of Tennessee Williams4
ENGL 352Chaucer4
ENGL 353English Drama to 16424
ENGL 357Shakespeare I4
ENGL 358Shakespeare II4
ENGL 359Renaissance Literature I4
ENGL 360Renaissance Literature II4
ENGL 380Whitman and Dickinson4
ENGL 383Contemporary British Fiction4
ENGL 390Modern Drama4
ENGL 399World Literature in English4
GRMN 357German Queer Cinema4
GRMN 358Borders, Margins, and Identities in German Culture4
HIST 112Women Changing the World: Gender and Social Movements4
HIST 120Children and Childhood in History4
HIST 213Early Modern Courts4
HIST 237Women in U.S. History, 1600-18704
HIST 238Women in U.S. History, 1870 to the Present4
HIST 241Global Women’s Movements since 18404
HIST 270European Women in War, Revolution, and Terrorism4
HIST 305Medieval Women -- In Their Own Words4
HIST 313Youth and Families in Early Modern Europe4
HIST 315Saints, Witches, and Heretics in Early Modern Europe4
HIST 318African American Women and Religion4
HIST 349American Women’s Cultural and Intellectual History4
HIST 358Women in Latin America4
HIST 367Writing the Nation: Literature, Nationalism and Search for Identity in Latin America (1810-Present)4
HIST 375The Outlaw in American Culture4
HIST 378Sexuality and the Self in Modern Europe4
HIST 379Honor, Shame, and Violence in Modern Europe4
HIST 380Crimes and Scandals in the Historical Imagination, 18th–20th Centuries4
HIST 441The Home and the World: Gender and Sexuality in Modern India4
HIST 471Health, Medicine and Society in Early Modern Europe, 1400-18004
INGS 308Body Film: Representing the Body in Contemporary World Cinema4
ITAL 325Women Writers in Early Modern Italy4
PHIL 240Controversies in Feminist Ethics4
POLS 161Multiculturalism and Equality4
POLS 210The Politics of Poverty and Inequality4
POLS 303Women and Politics4
POLS 307Women in American Politics4
POLS 308Feminist Political Theory4
POLS 314Civil Wars4
POLS 318Comparative Politics: South America and Mexico4
POLS 319Global Gender Issues4
POLS 320Gender and Politics in the Middle East and North Africa4
POLS 338Constitutional Law: Civil Rights4
POLS 344Myth America4
POLS 346Contemporary Social Movements4
POLS 358Gender and Human Rights Seminar2
POLS 359Gender and Human Rights: Field Study in Uganda2
POLS 441Gender, Violence, and Power4
PSYC 213Comparative Sexual Behavior4
PSYC 214The Psychology of Eating Disorders and Obesity4
PSYC 218Psychology of Violence4
PSYC 412Psychology of Gender4
PSYC 421Sex, Brain, and Behavior4
RELG 143Introduction to the Bible I: Old Testament4
RELG 144Introduction to the Bible II: New Testament4
RELG 222Gender and Sex in the New Testament4
RELG 223Feminist and Womanist Religious Ethics4
RUSN 354Real Men, Real Women? Gender in 20th and 21st-Century Russian Literature and Culture4
SPAN 364Spanish Women Writers4
SPAN 387Latin American Women Authors4
SPAN 388Women Authors of the Hispanic Caribbean and Diaspora4
SPAN 389U.S. Latino and Latina Literature and Culture4
SPAN 391Contemporary Spanish and Latin American Cinema4
SPAN 403Sexual Alterity in Contemporary Spanish-American Fiction4
SPAN 407Writing the Nation: Literature, Nationalism and Search for Identity in Latin America (1810-Present)4
WMST 101Sex and Gender Around the World: Common Issues and Diverse Perspectives4
WMST 111Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies4
WMST 251Black Masculinity in the United States4
WMST 340African American Women's Short Stories4
WMST 351Toni Morrison4
WMST 444Independent Study2,4