History Courses Focused on the Period after 1700

HIST 201History of the United States I4
HIST 202History of the United States II4
HIST 206History of Britain and Ireland II4
HIST 208Russia: Revolution and Repression, War and Cold War, Collapse and Renewal4
HIST 212China: Manchus to Massacre, Dynasty to Dictatorship4
HIST 215Southern African History4
HIST 219History of Africa to 18804
HIST 220History of Africa Since 18804
HIST 224Latin American History Since 18264
HIST 229The Many Faces of Sewanee4
HIST 231African-American History to 18654
HIST 232African-American History since 18654
HIST 237Women in U.S. History, 1600-18704
HIST 238Women in U.S. History, 1870 to the Present4
HIST 270European Women in War, Revolution, and Terrorism4
HIST 271The French Revolutionary Era, 1789-18144
HIST 272France Since 18154
HIST 297History of the Middle East II4
HIST 310From Barbary to Iraq: Britain and America in the Middle East4
HIST 316The African-American Church in Slavery and Freedom4
HIST 317African-American Intellectual History4
HIST 319The Arab-Israeli Conflict4
HIST 320Victorian and Edwardian Britain4
HIST 321English Identities4
HIST 322Southern Lives4
HIST 324Colonial and Imperial Warfare in North America and Southern Africa4
HIST 325Revolutionary America4
HIST 327The Old South4
HIST 336Hours of Crisis in U.S. History4
HIST 344Twentieth-Century Britain4
HIST 346History of Socialism4
HIST 347The American Civil Rights Movement4
HIST 357Latin American Biographies4
HIST 358Women in Latin America4
HIST 359United States and Latin America since 18984
HIST 367Writing the Nation: Literature, Nationalism and Search for Identity in Latin America (1810-Present)4
HIST 378Sexuality and the Self in Modern Europe4
HIST 379Honor, Shame, and Violence in Modern Europe4
HIST 380Crimes and Scandals in the Historical Imagination, 18th–20th Centuries4
HIST 382Global Segregation, Race, and Popular Culture in the United States and South Africa4
HIST 388The United States and Vietnam since 19454
HIST 389Modernity and Modernism in Europe, 1750-18904
HIST 393America's Civil War4
HIST 397The Origins and Conduct of World War II4
HIST 406From D-Day to Berlin: World War II Sites in England, France, Germany4
HIST 408The Body Republic: American Politics, Medicine, and Society Before the Civil War4
HIST 430Political Islam4
HIST 472Marriage and Imagined Families in the Modern World4
HIST 493The Civil War and American Historical Memory4