Departments and Interdisciplinary Programs

Students at Sewanee may select from thirty-seven major programs. Student-initiated majors may be proposed (interested students should contact the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs). Students are assigned a faculty advisor in their major. Throughout the course of their study, students will come to know other students in the program through coursework, departmental events, and shared experiences that culminate in the completion of a comprehensive examination or culminating exercise.

A major consists of more than a collection of courses. Each department or committee offering a major helps students plan a coherent program of study. The Office of Career and Leadership Development and faculty advisors in the major help students make the transition between Sewanee and life beyond the Mountain.

Although students interested in careers in business, education, engineering, law, or medicine cannot major in these subjects at Sewanee, they will receive excellent preparation for the world of work or post-graduate study through the  careful selection of courses and by taking advantage of internships, research opportunities, advising, and co-curricular events such as lectures and networking with alumni.