Shakespeare Studies

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The minor in Shakespeare studies is an interdisciplinary approach to Shakespeare in performance. It is based on these convictions: a) Shakespeare, as an exemplary literary and historical figure, merits intensive study; b) the literary, historical, and philosophical study of Shakespeare’s text informs and enriches the production of his plays; c) the discipline and experience of performing his plays illuminates the academic study of his work.

Professor: Malone (Chair)

Requirements for the Minor in Shakespeare Studies

The minor requires successful completion of the following:

Course Requirements
ENGL 357Shakespeare I 14
ENGL 358Shakespeare II 14
THTR 232Shakespeare and the Actor4
Select three of the following (attribute SHAK):12
Classical Mythology
Explorations in Ancient Ethics, Religion, and Belief
Classical Drama
Sex and Sexuality in Classical Antiquity
Women and Gender in Classical Antiquity
Special Topics
Roots of the English Literary Tradition
Studies in Drama
English Drama to 1642
Renaissance Literature I
Greek Tragedy I
Atlantic Britons, 1500-1850
History of Britain and Ireland I
Early Modern Europe
Early Modern Cities
Renaissance and Reformation
British Reformations
Ancient Rome
Europe from the First Crusade to the Black Death
Medieval Women -- In Their Own Words
Youth and Social Networks in the Early Modern World
Monsters, Marvels, and Museums
Nature, Magic, and Machines in Early Modern Europe
War and Society in Ancient Greece and Rome
Experience, Expression, and Exchange in Western Culture: Texts and Contexts of Early Modern World
Roman Comedy
Ancient Philosophy from Homer to Augustine
Introduction to the Bible I: Old Testament
Introduction to the Bible II: New Testament
Introduction to Rhetoric
Fundamentals of Acting
Global Theatre I: Antiquity to Early Modern Theatre and Performance
Classic Plays on the Modern London Stage
Voice and Interpretation
Total Semester Hours24