Medical Humanities

Medical Humanities Courses

MHUM 103     Biological and Cultural Aspects of Diabetes  (2)

An examination of the biological and socio-cultural bases of diabetes and the economic and environmental factors that contribute to its prevalence in Appalachia. Prerequisite: One course with attribute G5 or G5E including AP or IB credit.

MHUM 108     Introduction to Medical Humanities: The Human Condition  (4)

This course examines disease and healing through readings and discussion concerning the pragmatic and moral challenges faced by individuals and societies. Material is drawn from the Journal of Medical Humanities and books authored by those in the medical and public health fields. Focus extends to how we think about suffering, chronic disease, mental illness, and their impact on medical practice and policy.

MHUM 110     Introduction to Sociology and Human Health  (4)

A survey of major theoretical and empirical approaches to the impact of social structures, culture, and group identities on individual and group attitudes and behavior. Emphasis is placed on physical and mental health issues, medical science and health care provisions, and patient/care provider dynamics. Topics include the social construction and behavioral implications of sex and gender, race and ethnicity, and social class, as well as behavioral, social, and ethical implications of differential access to legal, educational, and health care systems. Prerequisite: BIOL 133 and CHEM 120.

MHUM 150     Hippocrates Seminar  (2)

A seminar on topics related to leadership and medical humanities for Hippocrates Fellows. May be repeated once for credit. Prerequisite: Only open to Hippocrates Fellows.

MHUM 208     Narrative Medicine  (4)

This course explores the human experience in medicine through the lens of individual stories from both patient and caregiver’s perspectives. Through the use of novels, short stories, poems, graphic novels, plays, and film students will examine the practice of medicine and what it means to the patient, the practitioner, and society. The course culminates with a personal narrative based on the student’s own experiences with the healthcare system.

MHUM 218     Hippocrates Shadow: Origins of Western Medicine  (4)

This course is offered in connection to a medical abroad trip in Greece and specifically focuses on western medical origins through examining Hippocrates and his followers as well as framing discussion concerning healthcare practices and reforms and their impact on patient care both in Greece and in the United States. While in Greece, students will engage in cultural excursions and will work with Sewanee faculty to reflect on their readings and discuss connections to their medical experiences in the 40+ hours of shadowing in Greek Hospitals.